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Hey there. My name is Alejandro Herce and I'm a Software Engineer from Mexico City.

Currently, I live in Mexico City where I'm the Lead Backend Engineer at Astro.


I'm a Software Engineer graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Santa Fe.


I work as a full stack developer with Javascript technologies like Node.js, Restify, Express, React, React Native...

...and I know my stuff with MongoDB and SQL databases too.

I'm a huge fan of containerized applications running in Kubernetes, Docker and Nginx using cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and AWS.

Besides coding, I love photography. You can find some of my pictures in my Instagram.

A few random things I've made recently:

> rtrn.io, a free URL shortener and image hosting service.
> This awesome site with an awesome 2048 game.
> A solar system entirely in Javascript for my web graphics class.
> An earthquake emergency evacuation routes app in React-Native for my university.
> More random GitHub stuff for my university.